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The Success Sessions: Jason Van Orden

October 3, 2017

"The Success Sessions" is a series in which Gemma invites business rock stars who are killing it in their own field to talk about the meaning of success.

In this episode, Gemma is joined by consultant, coach and strategic planner, Jason Van Orden.

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Jason is a consultant, coach, and strategic planner to established thought leaders. He helps them build an online business model around their knowledge and ideas so that they reach a larger audience and generate income without relying only on time-intensive income streams like speaking, writing, and consulting.

In his consulting, he draws from twelve years of researching top Internet influencers as well as personal experience gained through over 60 online course launches, 7000 students, and 8 million downloads of his podcast.

In 2005, he started the first podcast about internet business and marketing which quickly became one of the most profitable podcasts in iTunes. In 2006, he wrote one of the first books about podcasting and became a sought-after conference speaker and trainer for business podcasters.

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